Hedman Drilling was founded in 1949 by the four Hedman brothers; Wayne, the twins, Dean and Gene, and Kenny in Sacramento, California. After each had drilled his own well, they were called on to drill wells all over California, from the Oregon border to the Mojave Desert.

Hedman Well Drilling

By the early 1960’s each brother was busy running his own operation from environmental drilling and municipal wells to test boring at Aerojet and underground utilities for major developments. The Hedman brothers were well known and respected throughout the water well and construction industries.

In 1974, Ron Hedman joined his dad, Gene and his uncle Dean at D. Hedman & Company in Florin Town, California. Ron spent the next 25 years learning the trade from the “Good ‘Ol Boys”.

Gene retired in 1999 and Ron took over the operations at Hedman Drilling. He made a name for himself in the groundwater industry — joining the California Groundwater Association in 2000 and reviving the Sacramento Branch of the association in 2006. In 2008, Ron began his second term as president of the association and continues to serve as an Industry Expert for the California State License Board.

Joined by his wife, Vicky and sons, Dan and Andrew, Ron looks forward to serving the Sacramento area for many years to come.





CEO / Head Rig Operator

E-mail: Ron@hedmandrilling.com
Phone: (916) 383-3636


Chief of Operations

E-mail: Dan@hedmandrilling.com
Phone: (916) 383-3636


Rig Operator, Yard Manager, Field Specialist

E-mail: Andrew@hedmandrilling.com
Phone: (916) 383-3636